Sunday, April 10, 2011

Got Questions?

We are almost there - today the forums and chats open and we are still welcoming Bloggers - Authors - Publishers to the Conference. 
If you have questions email Terry Kate at
 romanceinthebackseat @

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Indian T.v Serials said...

Chris: I don't do a lot of YA but I do love this series!

Monroe: I don't know how you can wait between books - I read the first four back-to-back!

Book Guru: She is good at cliffhanger endings - can't wait for December!

Blodeuedd: You should definitely read this series - it's my fave YA series :)

Parajunkee: Oh - it was so worth it - I loved it!

Jane: I love Dimitri but want Adrien to have a HEA too. Glad I'm not the one making the choice, LOL!

Julie: I love them both and want them both to have a HEA. Ms. Mead is going to have to do something good there.

Mina: Hahaha - you're so right!

Danielle: Adrian grew on me too. At first I thought he was weird but now I luff him. Would love for him to be in the spin-off!

December is bringing Last Sacrifice, Alien Tango, and Shadowfever - all on the same day! How will I choose?!?