Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sunday Schedule

Subject to Change and More Panelists to be Announced

1:00pm EST - Opening Announcements

1:30pm EST -  Writer's/Blogger's Block
     with Creativity Coach Terri Sterling -

2:30pm EST  -  Time Management

3:30pm EST  -  Social Media

4:30pm EST  -  Blogger Community
    Blog Hops - Memes - Group Activities

5:30pm EST  -  Live Events
    RT - BEA - RWA/MWA - AAD - Comic Con - RomCon - ETC.
with Jackie of Literary Escapism 

7:30pm EST  - What Bloggers Want
    What publishers and authors can do to make OUR job easier. What pubs SHOULD be telling their Authors

9pm EST  -  BBP Closing Discussion 

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