Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Set Panels!

I know you have been waiting - I do - but with 30 panels each averaging 3-4 panelists and a moderator... Well you get the picture.  All times are subject to slight changes, usually not by more than 30min.


Available Book Review Formats for Bloggers  4pm EST

  • Print vs. Ebooks
  • Titles that expire in electronic format
  • International availability of titles
- Panelists: Lindsey Rudnickus, Netgalley - Lisa Dawn, Marketing Director for The Wild Rose Press
Moderator: Terry Kate Romance in the Backseat

Review Titles Expiring? Limited Number of Uses? How do Bloggers Feel   5:30pm EST

  • Forced deadlines to finish reading a title 
  • Limited in the number of times you can open a file
  • Only certain formats made available
 - Panelists: TBA
Moderator: Terry Kate Romance in the Backseat

Single vs Multi Contributor Blogs  7:00pm EST

  • What are the benefits to having more than one person involved?
  • Are there drawbacks to having multiple reviewers?
- Panelists:  John from Grasping for the Wind, TBA

Realizing and Focusing Your Blog   8:30pm EST

  • For new AND experienced Bloggers
  • Helping you find enjoyment in your blog
  • Make blogging easier by improving your approach
Panelists:  Rachel of Bitten By Books,
Moderator: Terry Kate Romance in the Backseat


Publishers Take on Reviews   4pm EST

  • What do publishers look for in a written review?
  • Are they interested in where they are posted?
  • What formats are available?

 Panelists:  Kate Lied - Bloomsbury, Buffi BeCraft - Eirelander, Alexandra Nicolajsen - Kensington Books,
Moderator: Terry Kate Romance in the Backseat

Reviews: Who We Write Them for and Where We Post Them    6pm EST
  • Why good and bad reviews are necessary 
  • Who are you reviewing for?
  • Places you can post reviews online and why you may or may not want to
 Panelists:  Angela of Dark Faerie Tales, - 
Moderator: Terry Kate Romance in the Backseat

Review Guidelines - For Everyone   7:30pm EST

The Art of the Negative Review    8:30pm EST

Authors, Bloggers, and Publishers Behaving Badly 9:30pm EST


Amazon - Kindle Subscription to Blogs  8pm EST
  • Learn more about this program and what it means for book bloggers

The Legal Side of Blogging with Author/Lawyer Caridad Piniero  9pm EST

  • Usage of copyrighted material on blogs.
  • Disclosures - Content Warnings
  • E-piracy - What if you are accused?

More soon!

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