Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Conference Moved to May 16-19th

The best laid plans of mice and men....

Life will do what it tends to do. Which lately seems to be delay what I want most- Online Conference!

So May it must be. May 16-19th! It is a date and not falls down the stairs, dog bites, or crazy folks will keep us from this again!

BBPOC here we come! In May :)

Sorry for any confusion this causes!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

BBPOC 2013 Panels

We are very excited to share with you the tentative panel schedule (I say tentative because as always the panels are subject to change and we will be posting a more detailed schedule the closer we get to the conference and after we confirm with our panelists). As always, we look forward to connecting with old friends and finding new ones. If you have a topic you are interested in hearing about leave a comment or shoot one of us an email because we are always open to suggestions. :-)

Thursday April 11th - Business of Blogging

  • Morning Announcements
  • Agents and Full Service Agencies-what do they have to offer and what does it man for bloggers
  • Audio Books - reviewing ins and outs, how to request review copies
  • Biblo-Crunch - What is it and what do they have to offer bloggers
  • Blog Tours and Ads - making your site make money for you....
  • Developing Your Review Site - New options, first chapter reviews and changing focus
  • Goodreads and Bookish - How they can help bloggers/reviewers

Friday April 12th - Industry Day

  • Morning Announcements
  • Noon to 5 - hear from various industry professionals including some big publishers (more information to follow)
  • Joyce Lamb from Happily Ever After - the changing role of blogs

Saturday April 13th - Genres and Blog Content

  • Morning Announcements
  • Young Adult and New Adult - what are they, the differences and reviewing them.
  • Multi-genre and small presses 
  • Author's reviewing - what do we think?
  • Review Guidelines - how to create and/or update your review guidelines
  • Original Content from Authors
  • Self-Pubs - how do we feel and the different types

Sunday April 14th - Blogger Day

  • Organization tips and tricks
  • Time Management
  • International Blogger issues

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

BBPOC 2013!

Hello lovely Bloggers, Publishers, Authors, and Book Lovers

It has come again and slipped up on us.

BBPOC 2013!

The basics are the same as usual -
When:  April 11-14!
Where:  ONLINE!

So the opening post: Who do You want to hear from? Leave me comments and feel free to start registering.

Same Bargain Price--- $40

Looking forward to comments, suggestions, thoughts...