Saturday, March 19, 2011

After You Register

Please E-mail  jessica @ with the email you would like to receive updates at. Please mention if that is different then the Registration information.

If you have a blog please include link so we can add it to our blog roll for the conference.
If you are a publisher include a link and small logo image for your house.
Authors please include a link to your website.

The Conference is held in a private Ning and attendees will be invited to sign in on April 5th.
If you are a Minor include your age in the email. We expect everyone to recognize that there will be minors attending and behave accordingly.


ElementalUnity said...

So let me get this straight, the conference is all online? If so, can you tell me the time frame. I am a blogger who also has a full time job.



Terry Kate said...

Hi Jim -
That is why all of the panels are recorded - here is the basic issue - many pubs want to participate in the panels from the office. We try to pack Friday since some people even take off work.

If you have specific questions for a panelist you can send them to me ahead of time and I will try to incorporate them or send the questions on to a publisher that can not attend live.

Wednesday and Thursday we are trying to pack things into the evening so from 7-11 when we can, but we have to accommodat, what feels to me, a bajillion schedules for very busy people. Usually epubs keep more irregular hours so they can be caught on weekends.

To be honest this is what makes it very hard to schedule - plus all our panelists are at home or the office where things can come up - they did not fly somewhere that traps them - "Whaaahaahaahaahaa!"

Ooops I mean - I wouldn't want to hold the panelist captive to make sure they make it to their panel...

Feel free to leave more questions for me or email me at romanceinthebackseat @

Hope you join us,
Terry Kate

Lisa said...

I've paid for my registration, emailed Jessica, but gotten no response. Can someone help?