Saturday, January 15, 2011

Important News - Panels Suggestions and Panelists - Help

Hello Lovely Bloggers and Publishers,

We are lining up the proposed panels here today and we want, nay NEED input. We want this to be a conference for EVERYONE, so we are happy to accept suggestions of panelists. What you want to ask of who, and who you want us to chase down and get there.

Also - IF you can not afford the cost to come just email us. We are happy to have extra help in place of money, BUT know you will receive more then your cost of admission in books - print and electronic.

The Cost is $45 for the conference and $7 for the shipping.
This is 5 days for around $55

All genres of book bloggers and publishers are welcome, but as the organizers we are primarily fiction and genre fiction to be specific. ***If you have an area of interest that is not being proposed JUST TELL US. I have no shame I will gladly contact anyone and ask them to participate.


Technology For Bloggers


The Perils of Reviewing

Reader Blogger vs. Author Blogger

Young Adult Market - For teens and adults

Networking Blogs

Working with Publishers

Move to Digital ARCs
  Netgalley and Publishers directly are moving to the electronic review copy. Sometimes you get to keep it sometimes you do not. Why are they choosing to and how do bloggers feel.

Audio Books
  How to get them and how reviewing them is different.

Most Popular Posts

Genre Bias - I read this, but not that?
    Paranormal, Urban Fantasy, Horror, Dark Fantasy
    Women's Fiction, Romance,
    Thriller, Suspense, Romantic Suspense

Pop Up Publishers
    New Publishers are starting every day. How do you find them? How much of a chance do you give them as a reviewer? Quality vs. Quantity

Changing Face of Self Publishing
  Who is self publishing, why this is a better option for authors then ever before and does that mean the quality of work is going up? Are you reviewing it? 

The Legal Side of Blogging

Good Blogger Practices

Blogger 101 - 
  How do publishers work? What is the difference between Print on Demand and Print Runs
  What do authors have control of - What is the decision of the publisher

Creating a Review Policy and Blog Mission Statement   
   Why these are very important whether you are just starting out or already established.

What Bloggers Want
  From our experience what would help us talk about books? What can publishers do better to make information available? What would help you manage time more effectively? 

What Publishers Want
  When a publisher visits a blog what are they looking for? What elements are important in reviewing or recommending a blog to their authors?

Time Management 
Tips and tricks for not getting overwhelmed online.

 Programs and strategies that can help keep you organized

Is there an interest?
- International Blogging - Larissa of Larissa's Bookish Life is willing to organize this one.
- Covers - How important are they?



ashlynn monroe said...

I'd love to see a panel on author branding-marketing-advertising ect. If I don't have to work I hope to attend.

ReaganStar said...

I plan on attending again this year, I am looking forward to it

Another good one based off of Ashlynns above is Blog Branding and Marketing as well as advertising...

I love the digital ARC panel and YA panel you are looking to set up

WickedEnchantment said...

I just registered to attend :D I am excited about this one, there are a lot of good panels so far :)

WickedEnchantment said...

I also wanted to mention that paypal only charged me $45 and not the $55 that it mentioned, I am guessing it left out the shipping and I wanted to make sure that was paid for also.
If you could get back to me whenever able so I can make sure the right amount is paid I would appreciate it :) Thanks!
zylee_seraphim (at) yahoo (dot) com

Callista said...

What kind of help could we do in place of payment, or partial payment? I am interested but am low on money as I am having a baby tomorrow (yes tomorrow - it's scheduled)