Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Forums - More to Come


Blog Design Help and Discussion
  1. List you blog for peer review.
  2. Share your input on other blogger’s sites.
Reviewing - Am I doing it right?
  1. Post your reviews for Publisher, Author, Peer input.
  2. How much is too much -- spoiler?
  3. What do I need to include or shouldn’t include?
Publisher Profiles
  1. Learn more about the Publishers attending
    1. What genres they publish.
    2. How to contact them.
    3. What information they want to receive with review requests.
Blogger Tools and Resources
  1. Book Blogs Ning
  2. Writing Groups
  3. facebook - Twitter - MySpace
Erotic Romance - What is available?
  1. The Publishers
  2. The Genres
What Blogs do YOU Follow?
  1. Readers Blogs?
  2. Publisher Blogs?
  3. Author Blogs?
    1. Group Author Blogs vs Individual
Publisher Promotion Packets
  1. What are Publishers telling their authors?
    1. Give them feedback.
    2. These may be listed anonymously.
Authors and Publishers Ask All
  1. Leave your questions for bloggers to answer.
    1. About reviewing.
    2. Author interviews.
    3. Anything.
Blogger Profiles
  1. Learn more about the Bloggers attending
    1. How to submit reviews, what genres they cover, etc.
    2. How to contact them.
  2. Ongoing features
    1. Interviews & Guest Articles - how to request one?
    2. Joint Events - who would like to get together, current ones going on (i.e. Paranormal Spring Break by Tynga’s Reviews and Parajunkee).
    3. Contest.
      1. Blogfest, Blogmania
    4. Memes
Author Profiles
  1. Learn more about the authors attending.

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