Monday, October 11, 2010

New Conference Details

Hello Conference Go-ers!

After great deliberation the Organizers of the Book Bloggers and Publishers Online Conference have decided to do a blogger day of discussion this November and Announce the next FULL FIVE DAY BBP for March 9-13 2011

Five Days you ask?  I say yes.  Here is the layout planned.

Wednesday is your intro day - Blogger discussions, Authors and Pubs are welcome.  During the day there will be classes for beginning bloggers and an intro course.  In the evening we will discuss the issues we are all facing.  As well as the new technology bloggers have as options. 

By doing Thursday and Friday we are able to have more publishers and publicity companies join in the panels while they are in the office.

Saturday and Sunday can be focused on this and more, also on the authors, who are more inclined and in some cases only able to give you weekend time.

Register before January 30th and the price is $45
Registration is open up to the day of the event, After Jan. 30, 2011 the price is $60
Registration is open Now till then.


Pauline B Jones said...

i don't want to miss this one! Keep me updated, okay?

Dr. Michael Jenkins said...

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