Sunday, March 14, 2010

Blog Design Wednesday

Wednesday March 17

Blog Design is so important that I thought it deserved a bit more time then just the usual panel time of 60-90min.  So instead join web designers and and bloggers all day as we discuss design.   Readers want to return to an enticing and dynamic site so lets discuss what works.

Starting 11am EST
Live audio Panel at 12pm-1pm EST

This will all take part in the Conference Ning the link participants will receive after signing up for the Conference.  If you have not yet Registered you can visit the Conference page here -

Terry Kate
Conference Organizer
Romance in the Backseat 

Kendra of Creations by Kendra 
Kate of The Neverending Shelf
Phoebe of TAMFA 
Sarah of She Never Slept


Lizzie said...

Definitely will try to stop in, Terry. Thanks for the invite.


Rebecca Rose said...

Will be there!


Haleyknitz said...

Hi Terry! I just did a four-part blog post series on blog design (it was on the brain ;) Here is the link to part 1 (other parts are linked) if you're interested:

sorry I couldn't "come" to the conference :\ college is absurd

Becky said...

Terry is 12pm EST 5pm GMT? Looking forward to this for sure!